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Eggs de Meaux organic cooking
Eggs de Meaux

Eggs de Meaux

This delicious gluten-free dish was created for Mr. and Mrs. PotBellied Chef's brunch held the day after their wedding.
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Shrimp Stuffed Mirlitons

Stuffed Mirlitons

What's a Mirliton, you ask? You're not from the south, are you?! Mirliton = Chayote = DELICIOUS!
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Fried Corn

Fried Corn

This simple & easy dish is our Southern family tradition and once you eat it, you’ll always love it.
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organic cooking

About Pot Bellied Chef

I'm Dan Sorrells, aka The PotBellied Chef, and welcome to my website!  I grew up in New Orleans and I've lived from one end of the Mississippi River to the other, as well as living in New England, the Southwest and West. Through my travels and residencies, I've  learned one key thing about food - it's not about the food! It's about the people who make it, adding bits and pieces of themselves - things like the smiles of their children and grandchildren, the love of their communities and friends, glazed look of satisfied patrons, their memories of their grandmother or parents sharing the kitchens across America.

My food is a reflection of these travels and cultures - I blend the cuisines of New Orleans, of the Southwest, of Central and South America and the Caribbean to create my interpretation of American Cuisine.

PotBellied Chef products contain the highest quality organic ingredients, many grown in our Longmont, Colorado garden. Our focus is on fresh, healthy and often, gluten-free ingredients.

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organic cooking

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